Maintain, insure and equip your car

Undertake actions

Owning a car means first insuring it and then carrying out the various types of maintenance to keep it in good condition. It can also be equipped with various accessories. Use the help provided by Car Blog to master your car paperwork, maintenance and repair.


A vehicle can be equipped with different practical and beautiful accessories at the same time


Air and engine oil are filtered through filters.


The braking system is a set of elements including discs, brake pads…

Take out car insurance

How to find the right car insurance?

You can insure quickly your car online. Some insurance policies allow drivers to insure themselves and even to compare offers in order to save money. Choose what you might consider a great car insurance package, ask for an online quote and enjoy compensation services. Several providers offer this type of insurance. Here is the principle:

Consult an insurer’s website online

Choose the type of insurance according to your needs

Subscribing to an online contract

Receive your insurance certificate by email

Mechanical maintenance: which tool should I use?

Battery charger
Highly solicited whether during the start-up phase of the car or while driving, a battery can however be discharged. In this type of situation, it can be recharged with a battery charger.
This equipment allows you to change the engine oil at home without having to go to a garage. There are two types: a manual model and an electric model to connect to the battery to power it.
This product in liquid form contains a set of components whose role is to eliminate impurities from the fuel. Its use consists in pouring the product into the tank. It will act and clean the injectors.
Engine oil is used as a lubricant to prevent wear and tear on engine parts due to friction. There are different categories that differ according to the type of fuel and viscosity index.

Securing your car

Some essential equipment to drive safely

Fire extinguisher for cars

Essential equipment to extinguish a potential fire in the vehicle

Car’s alarm system for more safety

In order to dissuade thieves and warn the motorist if there is a force attempt of the car.

Electronic breathalyser

The breathalyser tests the driver's blood alcohol level. Some models can have an anti-start feature.

Auto parts: where and how to buy them cheaper?

The maintenance of a car involves the change of a few parts. You can find cheaper parts in a breaker ‘s yard for any type of cars and for older vehicles. As detailed by Filiere Auto IDF, turning to online auto parts dealers is also another alternative but you should also know that adaptable parts are cheaper than the original ones.

The car’s bodywork: an essential element to maintain

Prepare the bodywork and repaint it

The basics of a car bodywork repair

A bodywork is subject to many factors that can cause more or less serious damage. Among these, there is rust. When the first signs of its appearance appear on any part of the bodywork, it is strongly recommended to take care of it. The procedure requires several steps, appropriate equipment and products.

Apart from removing traces of rust from a bodywork, sandblasting is necessary to remove old paint, clean it and prepare it for repainting it again. The technique consists of spraying a product with a highly compressed air compressor. The particles thus sprayed attack and eliminate all corrosion. So, the next step is to apply a new paint.

Various car accessories

Equip your car with practical and useful accessories

Rear-view camera

In order to facilitate manoeuvres during a parallel parking when leaving the garage or a basement car park, you can equip your car with a rear-view camera. The equipment integrates with the rear license plate with a control screen.

Baby car mirror

When you are driving and your baby is in the back of the vehicle, it is better to keep an eye on him. The car mirror specially designed for this type of situation should be placed in the back seat in order to keepa a close eye to the baby’s every move and action while driving safely.

Bike rack

The bicycle is a bulky item that cannot be put in the trunk of the vehicle unless it is foldable. It is therefore possible to use a bicycle rack or luggage rack to transport it safely.