How does a car’s braking system work?

The braking system of a vehicle is an essential safety element. It is important to understand how it works. In most cases, reducing the throttle is not enough and you must depress the brake pedal. So your vehicle stops like…

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What is a brake caliper?

A brake caliper is a mechanical part that is an integral part of a vehicle’s braking system. He pushes the pads against the brake disc to slow down the wheel. To do this, the caliper receives the oil from the…

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3 tips to detect signs of brake wear

A car is made up of different elements, each of which is quite important. In order to guarantee your safety on the road, all these elements must be in excellent condition, otherwise there will be a risk of accident with…

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Brake fluid: an essential element

To drive, it is vital to be able to brake. This will prevent accidents for you and other road users. For modern vehicles, the brake is hydraulically operated. The word hydraulic refers to a fluid. In the case of a…

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What is the life of the discs and brake pads?

The braking system requires special attention. The slightest problem with its components can cause serious road accidents. It is imperative to control them as rigorously as possible. Brake discs and pads are probably the most common parts to change in…

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3 tips to check the condition of your brakes

You may not think about this very often, but the brakes on your vehicle are a feature that should always be in perfect working order. It is important to regularly check the condition of your brakes. How do you know…

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