Where is the air filter located?

Just as the lung allows humans to breathe and live, the air filter plays the same role in the operation of a vehicle’s engine. Unfortunately, some drivers still don’t know where the air filter is in a car even though…

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Can I change my air filter myself?

The engine needs fuel and air to allow the car to run. Thanks to the air filter, the inside of the engine pistons is free of all forms of impurities such as insects, dust, sand, etc. It must be replaced…

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3 things to know about the pollen filter or cabin filter

Among the car parts that play an important role are the pollen filter or cabin filter. It is thanks to the latter that we can breathe clean air in a vehicle. It filters and purifies the air in the passenger…

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How to change your oil filter yourself?

The purpose of the oil filter is to retain impurities and protect an engine. It is best to replace it regularly. Be aware that it is possible to change your oil filter yourself to avoid piston seizure. Greasing an engine…

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Smoke during start-up: have you thought about checking the condition of your fuel filter?

If a fuel filter is not properly maintained, it can cause air pollution due to smoke during start-up. Similarly, it may lead to a total engine failure of your car. Therefore, you should check its condition regularly. This article informs…

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