The engine needs fuel and air to allow the car to run. Thanks to the air filter, the inside of the engine pistons is free of all forms of impurities such as insects, dust, sand, etc. It must be replaced regularly in order to provide the best air-fuel mixture. This way, your engine can always be optimal. Be aware that a new air filter is not expensive, so anyone can buy it. Changing your own air filter does not require the expertise of a mechanic, it is within everyone's reach. Note that an air filter gets dirty after a while. This can damage your engine and contribute to poor performance and excessive fuel consumption.

What you need to change an air filter

To change your air filter yourself, you only need a few things: - A new air filter - A clean rag - A screwdriver - A new engine oil

When should you change your air filter and why?

The air filter can be rectangular or cylindrical in shape. Its role is to protect the engine from any impurities. It ensures the optimal quality of the air-fuel mixture integrating the cylinders thanks to the valves. A dirty air filter will damage the engine's internal ducts. This subsequently leads to malfunctions such as pollution, over-consumption, degraded performance or even engine failure. That's why you need to replace it. It is essential to consider the manufacturer's recommendations before changing the air filter yourself. There are some clues as to when to replace it, such as lack of power when accelerating and dark, dense smoke coming out of the exhaust.

Procedures for changing your air filter yourself

So, before changing the air filter yourself, you must first make sure that the car is stable. Apply the handbrake, one speed and make sure it is on level ground. Now open the cover and locate the location of the air filter. In some cases, clear access to the filter (motor cover, wiper arms, etc.). Remove the housing by detaching the screws or butterflies and extract the air filter inside. Regardless of whether the filter is made of foam or paper, clean the inside of the box carefully with a clean cloth. Make sure to protect the carburetor air intake as nothing must enter the engine. All you must do is remove the old filter and insert the new one and put everything back in place. Finally, close the cover. If the new air filter is made of foam, you can pour a little oil on it and let it drain.