When should I change my tires?

A real link between the road and the vehicle, wheels are undoubtedly one of the most stressed elements when driving. They guarantee both the comfort and safety of the car’s occupants. It is therefore essential to maintain them properly in…

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Tyres: what does French law say?

French tyre regulations are strict on the characteristics of tyres. It also concerns possible wear and tear as well as the structure. Drivers must therefore ensure that the obligations on tyres are respected. Thus, they will be protected from a…

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At what time of year should I mount my winter tires?

Winter conditions are harsh in many areas. As soon as autumn arrives, we can already see that temperatures drop, especially at night. In addition, the roads are slippery and for that, you need winter tires to optimize your car’s grip….

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Puncture-proof tires: 3 things to know

Puncture-proof tires make it easier for today’s drivers. They no longer need to use spare wheels. This type of tyre stands out because of its high resistance, whatever the type of road. Discover here some anti-puncture tire tips to take…

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Energy labels: tires have energy labels too!

Since 2012, all tyres sold in France but also in the rest of the EU must bear an energy label such as the one found on household appliances, washing machines and refrigerators. This labelling obligation must enable motorists to recognise…

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How are tire tests performed?

A tyre test is carried out by a specialised pilot. Working for players in the field, its mission is to measure and evaluate tire handling. To do this, it carries out tests on various types of terrain and on all…

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