Since 2012, all tyres sold in France but also in the rest of the EU must bear an energy label such as the one found on household appliances, washing machines and refrigerators. This labelling obligation must enable motorists to recognise quality products.

What's behind the tire label

The label on each tyre is very informative for the consumer because it deciphers the qualities of a pneumatic product. Energy labels on wheels make it possible to equip your vehicle with full knowledge of the facts, they provide information on rolling resistance (energy consumption), grip on a wet surface, recommended braking distance and external rolling noise. But the quality of a good tire also depends on other criteria such as driving stability, grip on wet, snowy or frozen surfaces, road holding in curves, the risk of skidding...

Choose the right tires before buying

Buying new tires for your vehicle is a major expense. The first reaction of the consumer before buying should be to read the energy labels on wheels in detail, which provides a good overview of the basic properties of a tyre. These indications allow the quality of the tyre to be assessed and are the result of tests carried out by automotive experts. Equipping your vehicle with good tires is a guarantee of safety, comfort and handling. It is advisable to choose a tyre with the shortest possible braking distance because this criterion also saves fuel. Manufacturers of quality tires aim to offer consumers tires with optimal values and functionality knowing that perfection does not exist.

The European tyre labels

All tires sold in France and Europe in general are subject to strict quality controls to ensure optimal safety for motorists. On the energy labels on wheels must appear on each pneumatic product because it is proof that it has been tested under all road and driving conditions. Before deciding to buy new tires, take the time to read the label carefully. It is also advisable that in addition to labelling information, you read car magazines that provide user reviews and additional information on wear, handling, comfort, etc.