The purpose of the oil filter is to retain impurities and protect an engine. It is best to replace it regularly. Be aware that it is possible to change your oil filter yourself to avoid piston seizure. Greasing an engine is of paramount importance. However, the oil used must be filtered because it is not totally pure. It contains a lot of fine porosity and dusty particles that must be disposed of. So how do you change your oil filter yourself?

The elements necessary to change your oil filter

To change your oil filter yourself, you must: - a guide to using the car to locate the oil pan cap; - a new drain plug; - a tank to collect the oil; - a clean cloth; - a lift or a pit or, in the worst case, a jack; - a brush; - a plastic bag - a screwdriver and an open-end wrench; - and a filter wrench.

Remove the old oil filter and replace it with a new one

To start, lift the car and place the oil collecting tank underneath. Then open the oil sump cap with a screwdriver and a flat wrench. Then wait until the oil is completely drained and discard it and the old cap. Now you must push the plastic bags onto the old oil filter and remove it. For screw able filters, remove the housing completely and wipe off the threaded holes with a cloth. Carefully brush the new filter with new oil. For filter cartridges and their housing, open the housing with a filter wrench. Then remove the filter and seals before cleaning the housing with a clean cloth. Then, brush the new filter and seals with the new oil. All you must do is lock the case.

Some precautions to take after assembly

Once the new filter is installed, you start your car. Remember to remove any residue from the drainage hole that hangs around with a cloth. Then screw in the new oil pan cap and seals. Afterwards, you screw them by hand around half a rotation. Then, you can lower the vehicle and put oil in it until the oil level can reach the upper level of the dipstick. But he must not exceed it. You must unscrew the filler cap after that. Once this step is completed, start the engine and accelerate a little and let it run for several minutes for the oil circuit to start. Look at the dipstick and oil level. Make some adjustments if necessary. The oil filter change ends there if the oil level matches the dipstick.