The reason for inquiring is to avoid paying an excess fee if the car is damaged or stolen. Remember, this charge can be costly and cost thousands of pounds. You are safer knowing how car hire insurance works to avoid getting a large holiday bill.

Does travel insurance cover car hire excess?

Car hire excess is not catered for by standard travel insurance. In most cases, when you hire a car, the rental company adds a car hire excess insurance policy. It gives you third-party coverage and pays for any damage your car rental causes to another vehicle or property.

The deal sometimes covers damage waiver, saving you the cost of settling the damage when involved in an accident. It's a way car rentals tell the customer that they are shouldering most of the repair cost.

The bad news is that the waivers come with excess, which is equivalent to the money the rental company uses to shoulder repair costs. Extras can be expensive, and you can mint out thousands of pounds.

How travel insurance covers car rental excess

Once you hire a car, you are liable to orb repair costs for anything happening to the vehicle. If you are involved in an accident, the cost can be at least or close to 2,000 pounds.

The rental company hits you with an excess fee even if your car rental has minor damage. Taking a car rental excess insurance policy makes sense as it saves you the stress of paying hefty charges.

Getting excess insurance via your travel insurance in the UK gives you the best deal. More information here.

Are there exclusions?

Any insurance covering car hire comes with terms and conditions. If you break any of these terms and conditions, they decline to pay. Below are some reasons that can make the insurer deny a claim;
• Accident due to reckless behavior like ignoring traffic signs or speeding
• The incident is due to drunk driving
• The accident happened when someone else not in the rental agreement was driving.
• The car rental needs repairs from electrical or mechanical failures due to wear and tear.
• The car is at least 10 years old

Car hire insurance policy

Car hire excess insurance protects from high excess charges in the event of damage, or the car is stolen in the UK or abroad. You can buy the cover for one trip or annually.

Depending on your travel destination, the premiums are flexible and can be as cheap as 43 pounds a week.

The coverage saves you from hefty excess fees that await you if something happens to the car rental. It's easy to buy car rental excess insurance. Besides, it insures against any damage to the car roof, tires, and bodywork. You get peace of mind while on your trip.

Is car hire excess insurance worthwhile?

It's a good decision if you want to avoid thousands of pounds on your holiday budget. Paying car hire excess can inconvenience your travels and plans. You are safer having insurance coverage that settles the bill and gives you peace of mind to enjoy your holiday.

Do I need excess protection car hire?

It's safer to have this protection if you are on a tight budget. Otherwise, you may find yourself cutting back on your expenses and even rationing food. The protection ensures you enjoy a relaxing and eventful holiday without distraction and hefty charges you didn't prepare for in advance.

Is it worth buying car hire excess insurance?

The protection covers up to 6,000 pounds which is more than enough to settle any damages to the car. You can never be too careful abroad and even if you are the car can still be stolen.

Having a car hire excess insurance protects you from the costs. Without this insurance, you pay out of your pocket for all car hire which is a steep price.