Today, it is possible to take out car insurance via the Internet in a few minutes. You will no longer need to go to the branch to find offers and services. In addition, this way of subscribing is immediate, and you will benefit from an advantageous rate for certain profiles. You can also compare several insurance quotes to find a better car coverage.

What is online car insurance?

An online car insurance, as its name suggests, is completely online. All you must do is take out car insurance online in a few minutes. You do not have to exchange with a physical agent. Whether it is for the registration to an insurance, the provision of documents or the declaration of an accident, all the steps are carried out on the insurer's website or by telephone. No need to travel to companies to find an insurance policy.

But why take out car insurance online?

With online insurance, you can subscribe directly on the site or by phone at home at any time, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The operation is 100% remote, so you send your required documents at registration by email. Thus, you can insure a car in a few minutes. It's very interesting for the one who just got a new car. All he must do is call after receiving his key and he can drive safely on the way back. In addition, you can choose a tailor-made car insurance policy that allows you to obtain the packages that suit you best. Thanks to online subscription, you will benefit from certain specific profiles. With the help of the comparison tools, you can find attractive rates.

How to subscribe online?

Once you have found the right offer for your budgets and needs, online car insurance underwriting is very easy and immediate. First, you must complete the form by mentioning the power, model, gearbox, fuel used... You must also fill in the information on the vehicle registration document such as the date the vehicle registration document was issued, the registration number and the date of first entry into service. Information on the purchase method (credit or cash, long-term rental or leasing) and location of the package is also useful. Then, those concerning the main driver, his civil status, his insurance history and his background. Then enter your details to get your price. The formula will be proposed according to the data you have entered. Secondly, you choose the package that suits your needs, and, in the end, you are registered after paying online. You will immediately receive your provisional certificate and contract. You will receive your definitive green card a few days later.