How long does a pair of wipers last?

Published on : 31 October 20193 min reading time

All cars must use wiper blades. It is therefore a legal obligation for car manufacturers. These are mechanical materials used to wipe rain on the windshield. This article will tell you more about them, especially about their life span.

What is a wiper blade?

The wiper blade is used to clean or wipe the windshield during rainy seasons. It is a material that is essential for a car. The first wiper blade was designed in 1903 by Mary Anderson, then used manually with a lever. To guarantee safety, all cars are required by law to be equipped with a pair of wiper blades, which guarantee good visibility. The brushes most commonly used are those that move in parallel. The life of a pair of wipers will depend on its quality and the season in which it has operated.

The different types of wiper blades

Each car always has a pair of wiper blades that can suit it according to its reference. There are indeed many types of them. So, there are the classic or traditional wiper blades that are the most used and that allow you to save more money. You can lift them in the event of a gust of wind, but they are not very practical when it snows. They can be sold in pairs or separately. There is also what is called a winter broom that is more effective when it rains a lot or when it snows. The third type of wiper blade is the hybrid wiper, which is the sum of traditional and winter wiper blades. The latter two have a shorter lifespan, the lifespan of a pair of wipers can be an average of one year depending on the frequency of use.

The service life of a pair of wiper blades

Like any mechanical equipment, wiper blades can operate in a limited time. As soon as they show signs of wear, it is preferable to change them. The life of a pair of wipers is one year but may vary depending on the seasons in which it has been used. To guarantee your safety, as soon as they do not slide very well, for example, or if they put traces on your windshield, it is better to replace them. Wiper blades are more commonly used in winter, so it is better, as a precaution, to change them at the end of that season each year. This change can be made by you.

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