It is mandatory to install a car seat when travelling by car with your child and those from an early age. whether it's in your own car or in a rental car. However, it is not always easy to choose one, even if several childcare brands offer a wide range. Discover these tips for choosing the right child car seat.

It must be adapted to your child's morphology

The choice of a car seat is based on the weight, age and height of the child. Car seats are designed according to these criteria and to your child's morphology. They were divided into several groups: Group 0+ is suitable from birth to 13 kg. It is placed facing away from the road and ideally in the back of the car. It is also allowed to put it in the front of the vehicle, but it is mandatory to deactivate the airbag. If you can afford it, choose a model that is compatible with a stroller. This allows the baby to be transported directly from the car to the stroller without waking him or her up. Group 0+/1: The evolutionary car seat can support up to 18 kg. And it is installed back-to-back up to 13 kg and then facing the road when your child can hold his or her back well. Group 1/2/3: from 9 to 36 kg: the car seats in this group are suitable for children who can sit on their own. They are installed facing or facing backwards for harnessed seats and only facing for shielded seats.

Learn about car seat regulations

When choosing your child's car seat, it is also important to consider the regulations. This will have a great impact on your child's comfort and safety. There are two standards for car seats: ECE R44 and R129 (I-Size). Both are presented on an orange label. It is mentioned: the label (ECE R44/04 or I-Size), the car seat group, the designation of the country in which the equipment is manufactured (starting with the letter E followed by a number, for example 2 for France) and finally, the certification number.

Buy it new rather than second-hand

It is strongly discouraged to buy a used car seat, even if you hope to save money. It may be uncomfortable, less secure, no longer has instructions, has been involved in an accident or has not been properly installed. All this can lead to poor protection for your children. It is better to look for a new car seat that meets the standards and ensures the safety of children. But in any case, it is important to study how the products offered in the stores work and don't forget to try them out to see if they are suitable for your child.