The risk of accidents is higher at night. In order to protect against it, preventive measures are essential, including the use of night glasses. Because eyes are subjected to harsh night-time conditions, these accessories improve brightness and provide better road visibility. Discover the different advantages of these special glasses.

For a better visibility

Road visibility tends to decrease at night. In order to reduce the risk of incidents that this situation could cause, the use of night glasses is reassuring. These accessories help our eyes to see the road better. In addition, they protect the view from harmful elements. In practice, why choose night goggles? The wearing of these accessories is especially recommended for those who have a poorly corrected visual defect. Be aware that vision problems are among the main factors in road accidents. Night goggles guarantee both protection and relaxation for our eyes. They are much more than just fashion accessories.

For a better security

Anti-reflective coated night goggles make drivers safer, why choose night goggles? Indeed, strong luminosity from headlights or streetlights is very annoying. They emit reflections on the windshield, which may disturb the view of the road. In case the glasses do not have anti-reflective coating, they may generate disturbing views in some cases (wet or muddy roads, for example). Even for motorists who do not have vision problems, these situations are very risky. Specially treated glasses are designed with specific materials. Their use is recommended for those who regularly travel on semi-dark roads in the evening. These accessories help the eyes to relax better.

Polarizing effects, tinted filters... Several choices

Available in several models, night goggles meet a wide range of expectations, why choose night goggles? Polarized lenses, for example, filter light and reduce glare from wet or snow-covered roads. Tinted glasses, in turn, improve colour perception. They help to identify in advance vehicles that arrive in the opposite direction. The contrasts provided by these accessories increase visibility. While yellow glasses are the most famous, you should know that the shades are now diversified: brown, grey. These new models help to better distinguish traffic lights at night. Some of them allow a good view of the dashboard.