Whether it's a weekend or weeks, going on holiday with the whole family requires a long preparation to ensure that everything goes perfectly. This is mainly since many people and, in most cases, children will have to be managed. Sometimes pets are also involved. It also means that there will be a lot of luggage, hence the need to be well equipped to leave nothing to chance.

The lack of space

One of the difficulties a family faces when taking to the road is not having enough space to carry everything. Taking the example of a sedan, it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice rear pain for two seats, in order to be able to accommodate all these people. This becomes more complicated when you also need to install a child seat in the passenger compartment. The only way to fill this gap is to use a trailer. However, these extensions also have their limits, especially when it comes to transporting one or more bicycles. Fortunately, you can now count on a car bike carrier to make it easier to transport these bulky items.

The bicycle rack: an equipment that meets many requirements

The bike carrier is much more than a simple tool used to hold one or more bicycles on the car. It ensures safety and tranquillity throughout the journey. In this way, the driver will be better able to concentrate on driving without having to worry about a manoeuvre that could cause a bicycle to fall. At rest, in a rest area or in the middle of a camping site, the anti-theft system on some models makes it easier to appreciate the moment without worrying about possible theft attempts. This equipment has also been designed to offer maximum ergonomics to users such as a system allowing access to the trunk or a simplified fastening system.

Some criteria to consider when choosing a bike carrier

Before buying, it is important to find out which model is compatible with your car. There are various types of bike carriers such as those that can be installed on the tailgate, on the roof or directly on the hitch. It is even possible to find one specially designed for a specific car model. The easiest way is to go to a specialized sales site and use the filters offered to find the best choices. One of the criteria to be considered concerns capacity, i.e. the number of bicycles that can be installed if the latter is expandable. The rest concerns options such as an anti-theft device or a motorized system to raise and lower bicycles more easily.