Whether you plan to travel by road or simply to work, there are some things that should always be in the trunk of your car.  But be careful! It is not just any business that is important to you, but rather and above all safety accessories. And yes, the accident does not prevent; and even if you are not the victim; perhaps you could help and save lives through them. What are these very essential accessories to put in your trunk?

The safety kits

Whether it is a passenger car, commercial vehicle or heavy goods vehicle, the warning triangle has, in recent years, become one of the mandatory safety accessories. It is only used when necessary, such as a breakdown in a bend. Thus, the triangle should be placed approximately 30 metres from the immobilisation point in order to prevent other motorists and avoid possible accidents. Not disposing of it is punishable by a fine, so why not put it in your trunk? But that's not all. A safety jacket must also be included in the kit. It is imperative that you use a well fluorescent colour to be clearly visible.

The toolbox

It is always advisable to place a toolbox in the trunk of your car. Wondering what's in it? Well, it's the box that will help you out quickly. It usually contains basic tools, including wrenches, all-purpose screwdrivers, a rope and towing device, as well as power cables and a jack. And even more, it can happen that the failure occurs during your night run; which means that a headlamp is also to be included in your list of safety accessories.

Emergency accessories

Among the multitude of safety accessories that a motorist must possess, the glass breaker knife is a must. This makes it possible to quickly evacuate the occupants of an accident vehicle. By having him with you, you could easily help others if necessary. Apart from that, a first aid kit is also very essential. A few bandages, gloves, bandages, disinfectant and an emergency blanket could be very helpful. Finally, a car trunk must always contain a spare wheel. Punctures are a more than frequent occurrence on the road, so make sure you have room for another tire in your trunk.